Thursday, 23 May 2013

What I've been reading

From bottom to top :

I'l start with my favorite which is 'Practical magic'. The film adaption of this book was a cherished childhood movie. A story of two witch sisters from a long line of witches and their lives on a small island. Even as an adult I can enjoy it. So, I was hesitant to read the book and have it ruin anything (which is why I have waited this long to read it in the first place). However, I was pleasantly surprised. It's darker in tone, no doubt,  but it also gives you much more background on each character than the film does. It explains some of the background happenings in the movie such as all the cats. It serves as a warning about dangerous men and being true to yourself and your family. I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes to read about magic and witchcraft. Or anyone who enjoys a good book really...

I've been reading the Kathy Reich's Temperance Brennan series for a while now. I know, I know I'm not reading them in order. But, the continuing story line is light and easy to keep up with, and I'm more interested in the gooey forensic stuff! So I don't mind skipping a few. It's pretty heavy with medical/forensic/FBI acronyms, but filled with interesting facts and tidbits. Also I'm completely in love with Detective Ryan our romantic interest, for anyone who is a fan of the spin off TV series bones he is the book version of Detective Booth. French Canadian sweet talker. Another recommendation.

George Martin's 'A clash of Kings', what can I say? It's fantastic. I don't want to spoil anything for anybody whose not yet read the books or seen the TV series but it's great. A whole world to immerse yourself in. Big characters. Exciting plots. Violence for those who enjoy it. Romance for those who don't. Wolves and Dragons for the animal lovers. At this point you can't afford to get too attached to any one character, lest they drop dead the next minute, but the threat of an Axe to the neck to anyone is definitely thrilling. Be warned it'l bring you so close to the edge of your seat, you may fall off!

Now, 'The Hunger Games', don't get me wrong, it's a good series, and an interesting idea. It kept me hooked. The writing is pleasant if simplistic, obviously you have to take into account its a teen book, and it's miles better language wise than twilight. BUT, the ending. No spoilers I promise but It was really a bit of an anti-climax for me. At the end I found myself thinking 'Is that it? what now?' So, over all good, but it won't make my top 5.

I hope you are all reading some great books,
With love x


  1. Wow thank you so much for your insight in these. I've been wanting to read the hunger games, and I totally get you. However, I love books that keep me hooked, so I guess as long as I know they'll keep me hooked I'll rad them. Hopefully you think they were still worth it!

    1. Thanks so much for reading. Yes, they were absolutely still worth reading.I'm glad I did.
      I suppose I just feel slightly cheated. It wasn't the ending I expected. I hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think about them when you do!