Friday, 2 January 2015

This Year I...

This is something I've always wanted to do. It seems like such an upbeat way to say goodbye to last year and start fresh. So here goes...

First of all and most importantly, I survived. This year has been tough. On me, my family and friends. At times it has seemed insurmountable. We made it through though, and things can only improve.

This year I made new friends, at work and at University. Who I think have really helped to bring me out of my shell. They are all so wonderful and I can only hope to get to know them better in the coming year.

This year I explored my country. Which is pretty self explanatory except this has always been a goal of mine. I visited lots of tourist attractions like, The Kelpies, Rob Roys Grave, Loch Lomond and lots of others.

The Kelpies.
The Old Church ruins beside were Rob Roy is believed to have been buried.

Loch Lomond.

This year I visted Yorkshire for the first time. It's a wonderful place with beautiful scenery and I really hope to return one day.

This year I studied harder than I ever have. I feel as though I really pushed myself and, felt maybe for the first time, my boundaries. It's a wonderful feeling to know you've tried as hard as you possibly could and again to see the results of that effort payed back.

This year I started journal-ling again which has been another one of my goals for a few years now. I think I  just had to find the right way for me, as well as to learn not to put pressure on myself to write when I don't feel like it. I learned it should never be a chore and to only write when I truly want to.

This year I joined the gym.

This year I baked.

chocolate orange cake.

This year I did yoga. A lot of yoga!

There are a few other things that should maybe be included. Like teaching myself shorthand and learning a few new recipes but looking back, the above are the things that stand out. It was both a wonderful and difficult year but I lived it and I've learned. I hope this coming year will bring wonderful experiences and happy memories!

With Love

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