Tuesday, 11 October 2011

1 Minute Brief

Over the weekend our class was given a super quick brief. It was for an article in the Spectrum ( a leading Scottish Sunday newspaper) which was on menopause.

Obviously its a pretty touchy subject and any piece we created would have to be tasteful. It wasn't an easy project But it's such an amazing opportunity! To be published would be so wonderful. I had two quite strong ideas and still I'm unsure if I made the right decision, but a choice had to be made.

  They were such different Ideas and they became very different pieces. The one I ended up going with was dark and perhaps a bit morbid. However, this piece which may be my favorite, is quiet bright and colourful. I just didn't think this would be understood immediately. My twist on it here is that she's reached the winter of her life and her petals while still beautiful are beginning to wilt and soon she will no longer be able to bloom, seed and produce fruit. 

Il see what happens, it's very exciting. For the moment though there are plenty other projects to be working on, we have an animation brief on the go, which I will post about soon. Also there's gonna be some other personal posts coming up.

Thanks for reading,
With love x

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